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Cool Spider Needs Re-homed

This spider has lived with me for almost six months. He resides in the corner of the kitchen ceiling, near the window. I am moving overseas and am not sure how the new tenants will treat him, so I think it's in his best interest to be relocated.

Highlights to housing this spider:
1) He eats A LOT of fruit flies. If you leave a glass of wine out, and the fruit flies multiply, he helps to keep them under control. Mosquitoes have also been seen in his web.

2) He keeps a clean web. Though the above photographs are not indicative of this, 99% of the time he keeps a very clean web. He doesn't let dust accumulate, he cuts debris out his web (insects he's done with, bits of leaves that blow in the window, etc.), and he takes pride in his web and our home.

3) He (I say "he" because of this next point) doesn't have baby spiders. Once, a different spider had baby spiders in a Kleenex box in my house. It sucked when I went to blow my nose and saw all the little spiders, and then they went all over my apartment -- this spider probably helped deal with that too!!!

4) Further to the above point, he doesn't let other spiders run his territory. Once, (see photo 2) he fought off a huntsman that wandered into his web after I swatted at the huntsman with a broom. This awesome little regular spider didn't take no shit and the huntsman ran out the window below.

5) He only comes out at night. He lives near a crack in the wall where he spends his days. So you could def have people over for an early dinner party and they wouldn't know about him in case that would embarrass you. Though if you are ashamed of him, he's probably not for you. Though, you could simply explain how awesome he is and everybody would probably be chill and want to take a selfie with him. Though... see next point...

6) He is shy. He is very non-aggressive. If you even get near him he goes into his crack in the wall. He is soooooo non-confrontational.

Cons to housing this spider: None

If you would like to try and re-home this spider, and think that you would make a good match for cohabitation, please reach out. I will not let him go to just anybody, so make a good case. I move this week. Only serious inquiries.
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